Expired Smartkeys

There are two reasons you might see an expired key in the VIZpin SMART app:

  1. You do not have data connection or Wi-Fi to refresh the app for a newly encrypted key if it’s been more than approx. 4 hours since last use.

  2. You have a time on your phone that is more than 15 minutes of the actual local time.

Please check both of these:

  1. if you’re connected to cellular data or Wi-Fi, you should be able to go to fast.com to get a speed and then try the app again by swiping down the center of the screen to refresh.

  2. Turn on Automatic Date and Time

    • Android; Settings >General Management > Date and Time

    • iPhone/iOS; Settings > General > Date & Time

One last note - be sure to check the “star” icon - if it is highlighted teal green you may have favorites enabled but haven’t designated any Smartkeys as favorites yet. Simply tap the star icon again to disable.

If none of these work, please send your name/cell phone number/ and a screenshot of the expired keys message to Support@VIZpin.com so we can troubleshoot further.