Permissions required for VIZpin SMART App

If you are experiencing grey keys or seeing the message that a reader is not in range or detected even though you are standing at the door, please verify that the following settings and permissions are set correctly.


  1. Please verify that bluetooth is on. You can do this one of two ways - by swiping down to open your quick setting menu and making sure the Bluetooth symbol is highlighted, or by going into Settings and verifying that Bluetooth is on. If it is not, please make sure this is turned back on.

    Bluetooth on the phone needs to be enabled

  2. You also need to verify that the app has permissions to use a bluetooth connection. You can do this by going into Settings and then scrolling down towards the bottom of the screen until you see the VIZpin SMART app. Tap on it to see the permissions granted to the app itself. You will need to verify that Bluetooth is enabled on this screen as well.

    VIZpin SMART app needs permission to access bluetooth



  1. Please verify that Bluetooth is turned on. You can do this by either swiping down from the top to see the shortcut options or you can go into settings and verify it is on.

    Bluetooth needs to be enabled for the phone

  2. The VIZpin SMART app needs permission to both Location and Nearby devices. This can be done by going into Settings > Apps > VIZpin SMART > Permissions and checking the settings. We recommend setting Location to “Allow all the time” for the best experience. If you have installed the widget, you must allow this permission all the time or you will get a permission prompt each and every time you launch the application.


We never collect physical location or GPS info, & do not share or sell data to 3rd parties. The app doesn’t actually use your physical location, but rather Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE), which Android considers part of their Location Services. You can review our privacy policy in the app or on, or email to connect directly